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    More Katydid

    This fellow was sitting on the lock on our laundry room one day. I have never seen these around San Diego, but I see them now and then on my ginger since I planted it. They must be attracted to…

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    Fairy Iris

    It isn’t exactly flower season, but San Diego can surprise. These fairy irises were in bloom all along the harbor when we went for a walk today. I didn’t have my whole flash setup, which means this has some harder…

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    Just some photos from a walk in the park. I haven’t even bothered to identify any of them.

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    Just a cut flower on our dining table. Playing with getting the flash right to black out the background.

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    This is the second juvenile katydid I have seen. I think the ginger attracts them; the last one spent some time munching on it and growing before it left. This one is still rather small, and I didn’t find it…

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    Macro Millipede

    I figure I will report a couple of photos I like, since I have no content here and don’t want things to disappear into the depths of abandoned Instagram.

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    Coming in for the hug

    I didn’t really mean to take this photo, but I guess that is true of most candid shots. I was really happy I caught the moment, however. It highlights Olive’s personality so well. As an aside. I have been trying…

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    Beach Days

    At least we can be distant from strangers out on the beach, especially now that tourist season (such as it was this year) is over. I suppose we can look forward to a good winter of San Diego beaches, it…

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    New Site (Again)

    Sure, ok. I gave up and went back to WordPress. It is just too easy to set up and maintain. Yeah, it is not as light-weight as Jekyll or as cool-modern as Ghost, but it is just easy (and the…