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    Hymenoptera on Mt. Laguna

    We went for a nice hike on Mt. Laguna this morning. The flowers this time of year are smaller, sparser and dryer, but there were still plenty of wasps and bees foraging. The tarantula hawk was a frightening 2 inches…

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    Archives: Icelandic Poppy

    I took this photo in May of last year. I knew it was a poppy, but did not think much else of it. It was in a particularly vibrant garden in our neighborhood which I regularly walk by looking for…

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    Strawberry Tree

    This tree is outside the kitchen at work. It has yellow to red fruits that kind of remind me of lychee. This week, I noticed that it also has adorable little bell shaped flowers. I took a moment to snap…

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    Busy Bees

    I don’t think we will get much of a flower season this year in San Diego, winter was too dry. But such as it is, at least the bees are out in force. They seemed particularly smitten with the aloe…

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    Spring flowers are starting to appear. I am not particularly familiar with the genus Oenothera, but these are a delicate and beautiful example.

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    Jade Plant

    It is so easy to ignore the explosion of tiny blossoms on the jade plants right now. Up close, they are very beautiful. Until I moved to San Diego, I have never even seen one. Jade plants were small, unflowering…

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    More Katydid

    This fellow was sitting on the lock on our laundry room one day. I have never seen these around San Diego, but I see them now and then on my ginger since I planted it. They must be attracted to…

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    This is the second juvenile katydid I have seen. I think the ginger attracts them; the last one spent some time munching on it and growing before it left. This one is still rather small, and I didn’t find it…

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    Macro Millipede

    I figure I will report a couple of photos I like, since I have no content here and don’t want things to disappear into the depths of abandoned Instagram.