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Coming in for the Hug

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Erik Dorthé
Erik Dorthé
I am a father, scientist, tinkerer, and photographer. Who knows what I am likely to post?

I didn’t really mean to take this photo, but I guess that is true of most candid shots. I was really happy I caught the moment, however. It highlights Olive’s personality so well.

As an aside. I have been trying to use Darktable more. I begrudgingly shifted over to Adobe’s subscription use of Lightroom a year ago, and while the software is phenomenal, I really hate the business model. To be fair, the cost is not all that bad, but I have come to resent software as a subscription in general. Maybe I will write about that topic in more detail later.

This photo was processed in Darktable. I am happy with the output. The interface of the software is not quite as easy to work with, but it seems as capable. My subscription for Lightroom is coming due at the end of the month, and as I expected, the cost has gone up. I think I will try to use Darktable alone for a while and see if I can break out of that system. As an upside, I do really want to support the larger open source software ecosystem, so there are multiple philosophical benefits to this route.