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Fountain Ink - Noodler's Aircorp Blue Black

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Erik Dorthé
Erik Dorthé
I am a father, scientist, tinkerer, and photographer. Who knows what I am likely to post?

When I graduated middle school, my mom gifted me a fountain pen (a Waterman Phileas). It was a symbolic gift, for sure; what high schooler in the year 2000 was going to use a fountain pen in school? I used it from time to time, but just with the prefilled ink cartridges and sometimes with long breaks between uses. It occasionally got beat up, dropped, and inexpertly adjusted by myself. But it stuck around.

Last year I decided to finally treat it right and get some good ink to use. Of course, in the modern era that means going down a ridiculous rabbit hole of internet fountain pen enthusiasts. I almost got sucked into buying a new pen and a bunch of different inks, but I managed to find an ink I like and pull myself out just in a nick of time.

I have been writing with Noodler’s Aircorp Blue Black for almost a year now, and I love it. Blue black is really kind of a lie; the colored element of Aircorp is more green or teal. It leaves a wonderful impression. In the wrong light, it can be so dark that you just feel the hint of color, tickling the back of your brain as you try to nail it down. In better light or larger swatches, the color is beautiful without being overpowering. When you wet it, a good deal of blue does bleed out, so it must be an element in there somewhere.

The ink flows well through my medium nib Waterman. Maybe a little too well. It has a tendency of wetting the top of the nib to either side of the slit. But it does not cause a problem as long as I do not touch it. I do not note any bleeding on decent paper, which surprised me given this excessive flow.
I have enjoyed writing with it so much that I have used it extensively for writing in my journal and even some other writing in the past year. Given that I hope to avoid going down the path of obsession over fountain pens, this may be the only ink I use for a long time. I am very happy with the results, and can heartily recommend Noodler’s Aircorp for anyone looking for beautiful, distinctive ink for everyday writing.