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Normal Heights FixIt

Normal Heights FixIt>

Normal Heights FixIt #

Normal Heights FixIt is a loose community oriented around sharing skills and tools to encourage repair and re-use.

What’s the point?>

What’s the point? #

In today’s world, we rely more than ever on complex tools and devices. Fewer and fewer are built with repair in mind, but that does not mean they cannot be fixed. From cars to smartphones, many parts that are “not user serviceable” can be kept running, saving money and alleviating the detrimental environmental effects of mounting piles of technological junk.

While these repairs might be possible, the barriers to success can often feel insurmountable. Many of us have grown up without a strong, informal education in these areas, and some technology changes so rapidly that childhood experience is little consolation at all. And even if the right skills are known, the cost of buying a tool for a rare need must be weighed against the cost of simple replacement. We can help each other, however. We all have something to bring to the table, whether that is skills we can share for rebuilding engines, replacing batteries, or reupholstering chairs or even just having the right screwdriver on hand. And if you don’t think you have anything to bring to the community, just bring yourself. The worst you can do is ask for help, which starts you on the path to building your own unique set of experiences to offer.

Why hyper-local?>

Why hyper-local? #

There are many great benefits to living in a big city, but building tightly-knitted communities is not one of them. Normal Heights FixIt aims to build relationships that allow for the easy flow of aid between community members, which requires a network small enough to build trust and close enough to provide ease. We might decide to bring in other neighborhoods eventually, or maybe we will become a model for similar communities around the city, but for now, we are sticking close to home.

How do I join?>

How do I join? #

We primarily communicate via Matrix, a federated, open source chat protocol. You can make an account on any Matrix server to join our room, which can be found at To make an account and enter the room, follow this link.